Sistema fotovoltaico

Diseño de sistema fotovoltaico

A photovoltaic system designed by NET COMUNICATION LLC is delivered as a complete and working solution in order to generate savings or supply an energy need either domestic, commercial or industrial. Our NET COMUNICATION LLC photovoltaic system design team not only provides a detailed dimensioning according to the client’s needs, but also, will provide the best advice and precision covering energy efficiency issues, analyzing correctly the area of location of the plant, in order to optimize and ensure the operation of the system.

Desarrollo de sistema fotovoltaico

Our team of development and commissioning of photovoltaic systems, has built an excellent reputation in the photovoltaic industry, strengthened by the confidence of countless customers and industries. NET COMUNICATION LLC’s team of experts has become a true engine of innovation within the industry, not only in the installation but also in the advice provided to customers in the field of project implementation, being for them an integral partner, offering a range of solutions, covering different areas of application, visualizing the different fields of application of this technology.

Instalación de sistemas fotovoltaicos

The NET COMUNICATION LLC staff, before the installation programming of photovoltaic systems begins, obtains an accurate picture of the future location of the solar photovoltaic system. Already on site, the installation staff performs a more detailed evaluation, verifying and defining the real objectives of the project and planning for future installations where appropriate, all this is done without forgetting the initial conditions given by the system designers; at this stage, the design takes its real form, detailing and evaluating the inconsistencies shown and correcting them quickly and easily.